The Cave Trolls

Too often, brands move forward without first looking back. They don’t do the necessary research and analysis before rushing ahead with their next big thing. 

But to really imagine the worst case scenario — to find the risks buried deep in a brand’s public actions and statements — you need to dig. Stare. Pore over. Piece fragments together. Click, and click again. Lather, rinse, repeat. 

Fortunately, that’s where our Cave Trolls excel. They specialize in rabbit holes. In veins leading to motherlodes. Know that scene in the movie with the eccentric in the room with walls covered in clippings connected in a web of red yarn? Cave Troll.

Every Troll Skirmish is complemented by Cave Troll research and analysis. The Cave Trolls provide context. History. They provide our Trolls with the backstory they need to expand upon what we’ve been given by our clients.

But the Cave Trolls can also work directly for our clients. As part of a due diligence process, we can help reveal the reputation risk hidden in a brand’s past, just as you would assess any other risk in a transaction. Ready to appoint that new C-level executive, put that fresh new face on the air, or hit the campaign trail? Our Cave Trolls will look for their skeletons hiding in the interwebs before you find yourself face-to-face with them like a jump scare worthy of Dr. Henry Jones, Jr.

Contact us today, before that marketing campaign from the 90s comes back to haunt you.