The Troll Skirmish

You test your messaging. You bounce your strategies off an advisory board. You take the advice of a few key trusted colleagues or team members. Perhaps you even wander past the cubicles to get a sense for what the kids are into, these days.


But a focus group or a panel of loyal customers aren’t generally out to get you, and the new kid in the cubicle is never going to tell you what they really think. We are.

The White Hat Trolls “Skirmish” is the core of our business model. The Skirmish is an attempt to get ahead of the unexpected and unintended impact of our clients’ planned words and/or actions.

  • The Troll Skirmish is similar to a focus group, but it’s more like a feral focus group
  • This isn’t a room full of total strangers from the mall, lured into a conference room with the promise of a gift card. This is a room full of improv comedians, writers, and marcomm professionals with an agenda: try to break the client’s thing
  • We hand-select the Trolls for each Troll Skirmish based on the client, the material, and the target audience to ensure we have the right perspectives and voices in the room
  • Our Trolls riff off of one another to try and find all the inherent issues in the material placed before them, using a proprietary set of trigger topics to come at it from all angles
  • Afterwards, we sort and analyze the results, then prepare a report with the major findings, supported by verbatim comments

If we were in the luggage business, our approach would be something like this (although we’re pretty sure this ad would get plenty of negative attention were it to run in 2018).

So before your million dollar idea costs you much more in brand and reputation damage, spend tiny fraction of that to put it through a Troll Skirmish. Contact us today.